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When Sponsorship Brings You Back!

Sponsorship Brings You Back

In our sometimes impersonal society, what more human, what more reassuring than word of mouth. You have a house ELYSEES OCEAN, you like living in your house, it brings you the comfort and well being that you expected for your family. You like the quality of the houses we build whether they

The Wooden Deck Manufacturer On Maintenance

The Wooden Deck Manufacturer

To maintain the aesthetics of a wooden deck, it is necessary to maintain it. But it's not just a matter of aesthetics. A poorly maintained wooden deck can quickly become dangerous. The mosses can cover it, so it will become an ice rink. Thus, the cleaning of this balcony must be effective. Knowing which products

Where to stay in las Terrenas? At the Viva Wyndham V Samana Hotel

Samana Hotel

Welcome to las Terrenas , a small fishing village discovered in the 70s by Frenchmen who came to the Dominican Republic to seek exoticism and tranquility. Today las Terrenas has become a lively village, a landmark for expatriates, where boutiques, bakeries, French supermarkets and more or less trendy restaurants are concentrated. It is here that we